Eowan Fitzcormac

A tall, broad man with long red hair and an easy smile.


Human Male Fighter 1 / Wizard 2


Eowan Fitzcormac is a very tall, broad-shouldered man with medium-length red hair and blue eyes. He grew up in Aquadorna, and the string sense of moral justice instilled in him by his parents led him to join the city guard. His physical prowess put him in good stead there, and he was lauded for his arrest record, but he did not always feel that he had found his true calling.

In the aftermath of an altercation that ended with three buildings aflame, Eowan resolved to learn more about the ways arcane magic could threaten – or protect – the good folk of Aquadorna. Though early in his studies, he is voracious in seeking out new sources of learning, and his morals continue to drive him to put himself in harm’s way. Overhearing a visitor to town discussing dolls possessed by dark magic in a nearby hamlet, he offers to escort her home and investigate further.

Eowan Fitzcormac

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