Bronn Davos



AC: 17
HP: 27

Bronn is 5’10”, seems slender for a cleric. He has long hair. He worships Heironeous, the god of Justice. He wears scale mail armor with an insignia of Heironeous on the chest plate.
Carries a longsword and an amulet for Heironeous


Bronn is a human, born in the town of Wood Haven. His father was a worker in the local saw mill and his mother stayed home to raise him. Unfortunately, he lost his father to a saw mill accident when he was 5 years old. His family being devoted followers of the church of Heironeous, the members of the church took Bronn and his mother in and helped to raise Bronn.

Growing up in the church, Bronn followed the laws of Heironeous, and saw the good will of the priests around him. It inspired him to follow in their footsteps. He helped the church in any way he could as he grew, until he was finally old enough to start learning the ways of the priests. With his current knowledge and clout, he helps many people in the town, whether they attend his church or not.

Bronn likes what he does, but he’s spent his whole life in Wood Haven. He’s felt blessed to be in a town with many different races, feeling the whole melting pot experience. But he does wonder what life is like beyond the woods. But he feels too obligated to the church, his mother, and the town to ever venture too far away.

Recently, Bronn was promoted by the church to be the one of the priests to lend his time to the sheriff and his men, healing them after their nightly patrols. He even grew chummy with the newest recruit, Adan, whom he greeted weeks before when he walked into his town. Adan even ended up being his neighbor on Cherry Lane. On the other side of his house lives the town blacksmith, Cruril, a generally good dude that he’s known for a few years, but very loud and very messy. Bronn sleeps with earplugs and is in constant worry of an infestation coming from Cruril’s house to affect his house. Even so, the three of them go out to Phil’s tavern at least once a week to drink and enjoy the entertainment.

Bronn Davos

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