Adan Nimbrethil

Taller and bulkier than most elves. Has white hair and violet eyes.


Adan stands at 5’5", which is a few inches taller than most elves, and weighs 130 do to his bulky physique. He wears studded leather armor that was provided to him by the sheriff of Woods Haven and it bears the town’s symbol on the chest along with the town’s colors.

Adan carries a long bow, bastard sword on his waist, and a shield on his back that also bears the town’s crest in beautiful detail.


Adan Nimbrethil is a Grey Elf from a far away realm called Eredur. As one would expect, it is a great forest and Adan called it home for the first 115 years of his life. Adan’s uncle, Haldar, is the leader of this realm. Not a king, but an elected official. Haldar commands enormous respect from his past as a hardened and skillful warrior. He has proven countless times that he is more than qualified to lead the people of this land. Since his election 173 years ago, there has been nothing but prosperity.

Growing up in such an environment, Adan practically ignored his family’s status as near royalty and wanted to be just like his uncle. He wanted to be strong, brave and resilient; to do good and have many adventures. So Adan trained with the guards and warriors of Eredur. Learning how to fight and to defend himself and others. As Adan grew older, he grew taller and it seemed to the people of Eredur that he would not stop and become the first giant Elf to ever live. Thankfully, he topped out at 5’5" growing a full inch taller than his uncle Haldar. Haldar, along with everyone else in the realm, knew this was the path Adan was born for and would soon leave this land to seek out his new life. Haldar never held anyone in his realm or in his family to any standards and fully supported them with whatever they wished to do with their long life.

And so it came that when Adan was celebrating his 115 birthday, he announced to his uncle and the people of Eredur that he believed himself ready to venture out into the world beyond their great forest realm. He did not show it, but Adan was quite nervous. For he had rarely seen what lies beyond the borders of Eredur and has very little encounters with races other than elves. Nonetheless, Adan was determined to show his beloved uncle and the rest of his family that he can do great things just has Haldar once did so many years ago.

Choosing to decline gifts from the people and his family that would have no doubt aided him as he began his journey, Adan set out with just enough to survive. He armed himself with a standard long bow and bastard sword from the town’s armory. He will begin his journey with nothing special so that he can say he brought himself up from whence he came.

Four months go by….Adan has made his way through a few towns here and there. Never really connecting with anyone. Doing odd jobs for those in need, accepting minimum payment to help along with his journey. The few people that do talk to Adan found him a little arrogant, but that’s to be expected from elves. This didn’t bother Adan, he knew that once he found where he belonged, he would be able to learn how to properly interact with other races.

One day as Adan is moving along a road in search of the next place, he spots a river. This filled him with joy as it reminded him of home. He took note of the direction the water was flowing and decided to follow the river. After a few hours, he notices a small town on the horizon. Adan smiles and decides to pick up the pace in order to reach this new place that much quicker.

Upon entering this town, Adan instantly notices how many different kinds of races there are here. He notices all of the shops, churches, inns and of course the saw mills. All of sudden Adan realized he was smiling. He continued to walk into town when a kindly man wearing armor and a huge smile on his face approached Adan.

“Hail good sir, welcome to Woods Haven. I am Bronn Davos, priest of the church of Heironeous. You look like you could use a place to put your feet up and enjoy a drink!”

Adan is a little taken aback from this man’s eccentricity but can tell he is a kind man and accepts the priests offer. They make their way into an inn where Adan has a glass of wine and talks to this new priest friend of his. He explains his journey without revealing too much of himself and Bronn happily suggests getting a job at the mill. They’re always looking for able-bodied workers.

Adan then goes to work at the saw mill. He enjoyed the hard labor but only after 3 weeks quickly realized that it’s not what he wanted. One night after his shift at the mill, Adan was walking home to his newly acquired dwelling on Cherry Lane, right next door to Bronn. He saw a notice posted on the doors of the sheriff’s office. It read:

“Help needed! The town of Woods Haven is growing in population thanks to the saw mill and we need more good people willing to help maintain law and order. Seek more information within.”

Adan opens the door and enters. After a two-hour conversation with the sheriff, Adan is gifted a suit of armor with the town’s crest on its chest.

“Welcome aboard lad, we look forward to you joining the team. Also, it will look great on us and the good mayor to have an elf employed as a deputy sheriff. It’ll express this town’s diversity and acceptance of all races.”

6 weeks later, Adan is walking down Main St. after his shift and bumps into his fellow townsmen. The blacksmith Cruril, whom Adan came to know because they are neighbors and the kindly priest, Bronn himself. They greet each other and make their way to the inn where they hear lively music playing…..

Adan Nimbrethil

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