Woods Haven

A Town Terrorized by Toys
The Children were Kidnapped!

The adventurers arrive to Woods Haven to find the aftermath of a town that was terrorized by what they had feared, the evil wooden toys and stuffed animals… lol sorry it’s just funny.

Anyways back to story, the adventurers walked into town to find the toy makers wife tied up and beaten on the town fountain. By the looks of her she is weak and bleeding out. The Lord Mayor Sir Nickels and Sir John rush to Rose Manor leaving the others behind. Bron stabilizes the toy makers wife while the others untie her. Adana asks her what happened and who did this to her. She said the town was attacked by the toys and all the children were taken. The town people blamed the toy maker but couldn’t find him at home so they deemed her an enchantress and beaten and tied her to the fountain left to die. She fainted into Bron’s arms, some town people got upset that the group had untied her. As the town people looked on menacingly at the group brave little Landri convinced the group to follow him into the forest.

Bron and Roland took the toy maker’s wife to the temple. Adan went to the sheriff’s station. Cruril went to his house to check on his beloved girlfriend Missy. Landri convinced the town people it was the orcs fault and not the toy makers and the town people bought that lie and continued to search the woods. Landri walked back to town near Cruril’s home and saw him talking to Missy who was injured lying on the floor outside. Landri rushed over. Cruril asked his boo what happened and she said that she saw the toys thing children and she tried to stop them. They injured her severely as she tried to shield the children from harm. With help from Landri, Cruril gave Missy a piggy back ride to the temple.

The temple was crowded with injured town people. The clerics were swamped with work. Bron, Roland, and the toy maker’s wife arrive at the temple and the clerics immediately took her to an open bed. She was resting comfortable but still weak. Bron told Roland to go check on Adan while he stays at the temple lending a hand. As Roland was leaving he ran into Landri, Cruril and Missy. Landri asked Roland if he had seen his sister Ali, she would have come back to Woods Haven by now. Roland said he hadn’t seen her but was on his way to the sheriff’s station. A cleric took Cruril and Missy to an open bed, he checked and cleaned her wounds, and Missy rested comfortably with her handsome hero beside her hold her hand. Landri who was worried about his sister asked one of the busy clerics if she had seen another gnome around and she said yes and pointed in the direction of where she had seen her. Landri searched and searched and was finally reunited with his sister. She smiled and walked over to Landri who opened his arms for a hug but instead got slapped by his sister. Ali says how dare you leave me here alone with all this chaos. Where were you! Brother and sister begin to bicker.

Meanwhile at the sheriff’s station, the front entrance was swarmed with upset town people but they couldn’t enter the station, the door was locked. Adan went to the back entrance and knocked on the door. Go away sheriff Ted said sternly. Adan said it was him and the door opened. Sheriff Ted greeted Adan and was happy he now has back up. Adana asked the Sheriff what happened. Sheriff Ted explained how in the middle of the night the toys attacked and hurt the town folks and Kidnapped the children. The town people got really upset and did’nt listen to reason. They came after the toy maker by going to the toymakers house. His wife told them he was at the shierff station. He saw the angry crowd from a distance and barricaded the front door of Sheriff’s station. When the town folks saw they couldn’t get the toy maker they went after his wife, being understaffed it too late to rescue the toy makers wife.

Roland showed up and explained to Adan what happened at the temple. Before Adan and Roland left to the temple, he asked how the toy maker was. Ask him yourself Sheriff Ted said with a smile. The toy maker was back to his old self. Adan and Roland shook his hand, very happy he was not posted anymore. Adan asked him what happened. The toy maker recounted what had happened to him. The day he went looking for his son at the old oak tree, he found the rope, he got lost in the woods, encountered a giant stone arm, the stone told him it was the children’s fault that his son went missing and that they must punish the children. He then had a vision of a man in a white cloak directing his followers who were dressed in black. The one in white is named Krull. The toy maker said he felt like he was in a nightmare and couldn’t wake up. He is happy that he has been released front that cursed dream state. The toy maker was very worried about his wife. Roland reassured him that she was okay. Roland and Adan then leave to the temple to join with the others.

Bron, Cruril, Ali and Landri see Adan and Roland enter the temple. What should we do? Roland asked. Where should we go? Landri asked. After everyone informed each other what they had learned. They decided to go see Lord Mayer Sir Nickels. Half the party suspects Sir Nickels and the other half wants his help. Either way it will be an interesting encounter.

Hunting with Sir Nickels
The Bear Necessities

When they awoke, they were given notice that the Mayor was requesting their presence that morning to go hunting. The heroes met with the mayor at the docks and rode a boat for a half day down the river to find the area the mayor had planned to hunt for bear. They set up camp and hunted some boar for dinner. While on the hunt, they realized that Sir Nickels was not a good hunter, but Sir John definitely was. After capturing a few boars, the party brought them back to the chef that Mayor Nickels had brought along, and he was up all night cooking and preparing the rest of the meat to last a few days. The heroes rested in anticipation of hunting a bear.

The next morning, our heroes left camp in search of the bear cave. Upon crossing a river, they found it. Sir Nickels men were very hesitant to get in position to attack. The heroes also all got within viewing distance of the mouth of the cave. When everyone was in position, Sir Nickels and Sir John went back across the river. The bear was not coaxed out of the cage, so one of Sir Nickels men cautiously enters the cave, only to be wrenched into the darkness, never to be seen again. A bear emerged and took down another of the hired men with a single swipe. But Aiden and Cruril’s archery along with assistance from Landry and Bronn took the bear down rather quickly. Going for the bear pelt, they were all surprised to see the emergence of another bear! Sir Jon and Sir Nickels ran away, as well as the last standing man hired by Sir Nickels. The rest of our heroes also ran, but were stuck on their side of the river. They turned around, planted their heels, and stood their ground, barely managing to fell the second bear. They convinced the last hired hunter, Parker, to grab the raft and bring the heroes back to the camp, along with the barely surviving other hired hunter, and two amateurely skinned bear pelts.

When back to the camp, Sir Nickels welcomed them with open arms, but the heroes would have none of it. They rested another night, with anger in their eyes. They left the next morning only to return to their town seeing it in chaotic shambles.

Chicken drumsticks and Tea party
The Dinner Party and the Invitation to the Hunt

Last we saw the adventurers, they all had a glorious night sleep. The monk played his flute while Bron meditated. Landri who would’ve joined Roland in morning music practice, sat on his bed and read the note left by his bedside. The note was from his sister Aludria. He explained to his comrades what the note said. Aludria heard last night about a beauty contest in the city of Aquadorna; which is north from Woods Haven. She will be gone for 3 days. There’s a top prize for the winner but Landri withheld the amount of the prize money.

Roland, Adan, and Bron decided to get Cruril and venture out to investigate the missing cart and supplies. They eat breakfast and head to the whore house to retrieve Cruril. Adan says he will meet them there, he was going to visit the sheriff. Adan met with the sheriff and told him they will investigate the missing cart.

Roland, Landri, and Bron show up at the whore house. Roland enters and a group of lavishly and scantly dressed orc whores welcome him. Roland asks for his friend Cruril but they said he is currently indisposed. Bron and Adan enter and try to ask for Cruril. Adan yells for Cruril and Cruril finally answers and leaves with the group.

The adventurers leave Woods Haven in search of clues to the missing cart. Adan and Cruril do well in tracking the carts tracks. They walked for hours but it was a beautiful day. All of a sudden they hear rustling in the bushes and a mountain drawf named Forrest Grumblebringer pops out and starts to yell at the adventurers. Cruril and Landri did not like this hermitty grump but Adan, Bron, and Roland calmed the drawf and asked if he seen the cart. The drawf said yes he has seen a cart. There are many carts that travel this road. Lastly he said don’t come near his mountain and stormed off.

The adventurers continued their journey, Cruril and Adan notices there are now two cart tracks. The tracks lead them to believe Ernie met a fellow carts man. Friend or foe is unknown. The group stop suddenly, they hear rustling and growling. Birds and bunnies run by them. Roland sees glowing eyes and then a dire wolf pounces on a rabbit ten feet in front of them. The group yell in fear and runs for their lives. The dire wolf takes his rabbit and disappears into the woods.

Cruril suggests if they should go back because the feast will start soon. Roland, Landri, and Cruril wanted to go shopping for dress clothes.

The group returns to Woods Haven. The homes on Cherry Lane are bug free!! Adan and Bron go home to get dressed for the event. Meanwhile Roland, Landri, and Cruril go shopping at Finnagian’s Flannel and Clothes store. Roland bought a black and red checkered flannel beret. Roland was pleased with how he looked in the mirror. Landri bought fine dress clothes in children’s size which was affordable and decently priced which made Landri happy. Cruril asked for the finest dress clothes the shoppe keeper had. The happy shoppe keeper let Cruril try on the most expensive clothes while Landri and Roland ask if there was something less expensive. The shoppe keeper gave Cruril the less expensive dress clothes to try on while Landri convinced Cruril on how great he looked.
The night of the feast was upon them Bron waited at the front of Rosewood Manor and saw his friends Roland, Landri, and Cruril walk up. They all cleaned up nicely. Adan arrived in style on a horse he borrowed from the sheriff. His hair was braided in the posh style that was known to be elvish. Everyone looked clean cut. They walked to the entrance and handed the invite to the hostess who mistook Landri for a child. Landri got cranky; he’s a full grown gnome after all. The hostess saw his tantrum and said to Roland if there son needs a nap he can take him to Lord Mayor Sir Nickels’ daughter’s bedroom. Roland said thank you maybe later. The rest of the group snickers.
Rosewood Manor is huge and beautiful woodwork throughout the maison. The smell of roasted rosemary chicken legs filled the room. Ale and wine were served on trays carried by servants. Antlers and animal head trophies decorated the room.
Cruril saw his buddy Clif and went to sit with him. He immediately sampled the delicious chicken drumsticks. Roland, Bron, and Landri drank ale and Adan drank wine. Everyone was discussing on how they can get the Lord Mayor Sir Nickels to hire them to investigate and saw Cliff was already with Cruril. The group join them and Cliff starts small talk. He then mentions that the Lord Mayor Sir Nickels has hired a group of drawven mercenaries to investigate the missing lumberjacks at the logging camp. They ask Cliff if the Lord Mayor Sir Nickels would hire them to investigate. Cliff said he doesn’t know but they can ask him. Cliff waved down Lord Mayor Sir Nickels and the Mayor smiled and walked over with Sir John. He cheerfully greeted the the group. The Roland asked the mayor if he needed someone to investigate the missing lumberjacks. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels said how did they know about missing lumberjacks unless someone mentioned something that they shouldn’t have. He then glared at Cliff who started laughing nervously and downed his ale. Adan signaled Roland to stop. Adan then said if there was anything they can do to help because they were also looking for the missing boy. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels then said how sad it was for the toy maker to loose his son and he would be devastated if something happened to his little girl. Speaking of little girl, Lord Mayor Sir Nickels calls his daughter over to meet everyone. The cute little redheaded girl walks over and smiles. He reminds the group of when they first met. He had bought two stuffed animals for her. Overall Lord Mayor Sir Nickels said not to worry about the missing lumberjacks because he hired the best mercenaries in the region to investigate. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels appreciates their willingness to be helpful and preceded to invite the group to a hunt for the cave bear. He will send an invite home with them.

The guys noticing the dolls of the mayor’s daughter snuck off to
investigate them. While in the mayor’s daughter’s room, they were
convinced into joiner her for an imaginary tea party. Landry got the
bright idea to lead her outside with song while the rest of the party
stayed behind and looked at the dolls, realizing they were in fact
imbued with the same magic as the doll they had faced before at the
inn. They quickly threw them into the fire, reverting them back to
stone. They quickly high tailed it out of there to not have to explain
the burnt dolls and rested for the night.

Goblins in the Old Oak Tree
The toy maker's arrest, goblins, and unsatisfied orc whores

The heros of Woods Haven had a well rested night sleep after the encounter with the horrible, but at the same time adorable, hippo toy. The party woke to the sound of Roland’s music as Bron meditated, Adan pondering by the window, and everyone else started getting ready.
The door opens suddenly and Innkeeper Phil pokes his head in with a smile. As he looked around for second his smile disappeared at the state of his room. He suddenly closes the door and knocks.
Landri opens the door and Phil says what have you done to my room? The heros try to explain but Phil just concluded that they all must have had terrible nightmares. He presented them with a wonderful breakfast of braised wild boar, fried eggs, and roasted tomatoes. Landri made sure the breakfast was complimentary. Phil left the room.
Soon footsteps was heard and there was another knock on the door. Roland opened the door and a small child stood there hold out an invitation. Roland received the invite and read it. The invitation was to Lord Mayor Sir Nickels feast dinner party for tomorrow night. The invite said it was for 5 guests, but they were a group of 6. Someone was going to stay behind. The little boy ran into the room to the open window and yelled to his friends that he’s coming outside to play. The group tried to question the boy about the toy maker’s son; the boy was little and skiddish said that the other kids outside might know more about what happened to the toy maker’s son. Adan said that he will head to the toy maker’s house to get answers on what the heck happened last night and if they run into the kids on the way, they will ask them.
Outside they saw it was a beautiful day and conveniently the towns kids were outside playing jump rope. Landri started playing his harmonica which delighted the kids enough for them to approach them. Landri asked the group of kids if they knew the toy maker’s son. All the kids started looking down, shifted their eyes, and began to walk away expect for a 12 year old girl who decided to speak to Landri. She said they knew him and yes they use to play with him. She said they last saw him at the old oak tree. They thought maybe he ran away. Landri said thanks and the girl skipped away.
Landri discussed his findings with the group as they headed toward the toy maker’s shop. Aludria casted detect magic outside and sensed nothing. Roland looked through the window and couldn’t see much until the curtains billowed open to reveal the sheriff’s face which startled Roland. Sheriff Ted then quickly opened the door and asked what they were doing. Adan explained to the sheriff what had happened the night before. He was relieved to see Adan and his story confined the sheriff’s suspicion. Mr. Havershim was yelling things that made no sense and Sheriff Ted was going to take him to the station to question him and for his safety. Mr. Havershim yelled they will pay for what they did to my boy!!! I want revenge!!!! They will get what is coming to them!!! Aludria sensed evil spots of magic all over the shop. Mrs. Havershim was crying and explained to the group she doesn’t understand what’s happened to her husband and her husband is innocent. She offered 100 gold coins to clear his name and find her son. 50 gold coins now and 50 for when they clear husbands name and find son. Roland accepted the money. Adan and Bron said they didn’t need money to help her but Landri and Aludria quickly shushed them and said thank you to Mrs. Havershim and they will accept the money and find her son. While Adan, Bron, Aludria, and Landri were talking to Mrs. Havershim; Cruril was looking around the shop. He thought he saw something move at the corner of his eye.
Adan suggested to Mrs. Havershim to close up shop and she agreed. She asked if Bron and Cruril wouldn’t mind helping her. Roland, Landri, and Aludria decide to head to the old oak tree and try to find clues. Adan said they will meet them there. Bron and Cruril stayed behind helping Mrs. Havershim close shop and send away customers. Adan heads to the sheriffs’ station.
Sheriff Ted put Mr. Havershim behind bars and was quietly muttering to himself. Adan asked how he was doing and the sheriff said he stopped yelling but he can’t get him to answer questions. Adan try’s to get him to answer questions but it seems Bill Havershim has lost his mind. Sheriff Ted explains to Adan that they must investigate quickly and quietly. If word gets out that Mr. Havershim was the one behind the evil toys or even possessed by evil spirits the town will go into chaos and panic. Mr. Havershim and his wife could end up as victims of a witch trial. Sheriff Ted also mentions that they are understaffed because the Lord Mayor Sir Nickels has been borrowing men for his security duty. Adan agrees and leaves the sheriff station and heads to the old oak tree.
Roland, Aludria, and Landri are at the old oak tree looking for clues. The tree is about 30ft high and the branches creek and sway as the wind blows. The tree is creepy looking as is and Aludria takes this time to take advantage of this opportunity to scare her friends. She casts spooky sounds to the tree as it sways in the wind. Roland tries to climb the tree but slips back down. Roland and Landri can’t figure out what’s making that spooky sound. Aludria giggles to herself and hears someone else giggling. Aludria owl Dust Dice is hooting like crazy. Adan, Bron and Cruril show up to the old oak tree and search for clues. Adan notices a gleam of light flashing in the trees. Aludria hears more giggles and someone saying shut up you idiot!! Aludria looks into Adan’s eyes as they both come to the same conclusion. Goblins!!! Adan exclaimed. Each of the heros take a shot at the goblins but can’t seem to hit them because of leaves coverage and the height of the tree. Landri played music and shot arrows, Bron blessed the group, Adan and Cruril shot arrows, Roland shot sling shots, and Aludria used magic. One goblin died from an arrow shot straight through him and fell from the tree. The second goblin was injured and soon fell asleep from Aludria’s sleep spell. Bron caught the falling sleeping goblin from the tree. After a few minutes the goblin woke up being held down. Adan held the arrow that was in the goblins shoulder trying to pull it out as he questioned the goblin. All the goblin said was all humans will die soon!!! And yelled and winced in pain as Adan pulled the arrow out. Adan then tried to pull out the arrow in the goblins leg as he questioned who the goblin worked for. The fearful goblin said if he says his name the goblin will die. Adan asked again and the goblin said if you promise to let me go he will give the name Adan promised. The goblin gave the evil one’s name, Krull, that is behind the chaos. Adan asked the goblin if he want the arrow out from his leg. The goblin agreed, forgetting how painful it was to get an arrow out. Adan let the goblin go but confiscated his weapons. The stubborn goblin struggled for his weapons and in his struggle accidentally hit his head with his own weapon and died.
Aludria searched one of the dead goblins and found a spyglass.
The group searched the area. Cruril found footprints that lead into the forest and old rope that stretched from the footprints to the old oak tree. The rope looked like it had been there for awhile.
The group contemplated about following the tracks but it was dusk and they were invited to a feast tomorrow night. So they decided to head back.
They walked by the sheriff’s station where Adan checked on Mr. Havershim again but still couldn’t get anything from him. The sheriff sat outside watching the towns people and in deep thought. Bron and Adan asked if the fumigation was done and if they can go back home. Sheriff Ted said he heard it needed two treatments and will be safe to go back home tomorrow. Adan and Bron groaned. Cruril said well I’m going back to the brothel and Landri joined him. Cruril satisfied one orc but the other was not impressed and wasn’t convinced of his excuses. Landri’s orc was not impressed at all and said what a minute I heard of you.
Back at the Inn, Roland looked around to see if he can spot Alinda the elf. Instead he spotted Lumberjack Cliff, who waved him over to have a beer with him. Roland mentioned to him how they found goblin in the trees at the old oak but asked Cliff to keep that info hushed. He agreed as long as Roland doesn’t mention to anyone that lumberjacks have gone missing for two days now. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels sent two elves to investigate.
Adan, Bron, and Aludria join Roland for happy hour. They all agree they should all stay in the same room and keep the info they got to themselves. Innkeeper Phil overheard them but promised to keep his knowledge to himself and also not to let Judy go out at night.
The four of them go upstairs and prepare for a restful night sleep.

They Took my Spoons!!!
The Fairy Thief Rumors

Our adventures begin when Adan, Bron, and Cruril are on their way from work, heading to The Elks Tree Inn for a pint. They run into new visitors of Woods Haven, two gnomes, a brother and sister, Landri and Aludira. Gnomes are rare in these parts so they caught Adan, Bron, and Cruril’s attention.

After greeting the gnomes, the Lord Mayor Sir Nickels comes out of the toy shop across from the Inn. His men come out behind him each one carrying a stuffed animal, a tiger and a bear. The third guy was not carrying anything except his two swords. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels greets Adan, Bron, Cruril, Landri, and Aludira. He lets them know that the Inn has the best ale and comfortable beds. Seeing how amiable the group was, Lord Mayor Sir Nickels invites them to a feast tomorrow night. He will send an invite to the party later.

The group enter the The Elks Tree Inn and are greeted warmly by Innkeeper Phil and gets each one a pint of Ale. The group drinks and enjoys the wonderful music played by Roland the Monk. After the performance, the Monk heads to the bar for an ale and befriends the group. Landri mentions he also plays a wind instrument and challenges Roland to a musical duel.

While the two friends duel, Adan, the deputy to the sheriff, is looking concerned about a case he is working. He asks Innkeeper Phil if he’s heard about the boy that went missing. Phil said he didn’t know much about that but he did hear rumors there were goblins spotted in town. Adan asked if he knew anyone with more info about the boy, Innkeeper Phil said that his daughter Judy may know something more because she was in the same class as him.

Phil calls Judy over. Judy is a sweet 15 year old girl, she helps her father run the in as a waitress. Adan ask Judy about the missing boy. She says the boy is the toy makers son. He went missing 4 months ago. Everyone thinks he ran away from home because the kids would make fun of him. Adan asked if she knew him and she said no. He’s the same age as her but he acts like a 9 year old, Very immature, and kind of a jerk. She didn’t know anything else about the toy makers son.

The musical duel was over. The Roland played well, but Landi somehow out played him. Roland drowned his failure with ale and Cruril’s company.

Adan, Bron, and Aludria were in deep conversation about the missing boy when they heard someone yell behind them. Two little old ladies were sitting by the fire knitting said they heard the deputy was here and someone had stolen her spoons. Bron asked her name and how many spoons were stolen and she said her name was Miss Marigold and two silver spoons were stolen. Group rolled their eyes. The other old lady, Aunt Polly, said that there were rumors about how little things have been going missing. People say that it’s the fairy thief that has been taking things. Brown asked how long ago was the spoons stolen? Miss Marigold said who knows but she discovered it missing today.

Adan, Bron, and Aludria join their comrades back at the bar discussing what they heard with Roland, Cruril, and Landri. A lumberjack sits next to Cruril at the bar, it’s his friend Cliff the lumberjack but he looks really troubled.

Cruril asks Cliff whats the matter and Cliff says that a buddy of his went missing. The supply wagon that was sent to the logging camp disappeared and no one knows where Ernie the driver is. Most people think he stole the wagon and went to the Capital to sell the supplies but Cliff said he would never do that. Yeah Erine is a drunk and his wife left him but he would never leave his job. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels was not happy he had to send another wagon of supplies. He also sent two half elf rangers to investigate the missing supplies and loggers. Adan asked why didn’t they report it to the sheirff? Cliff said that Lord Mayor Sir Nickels has his own private security handling it and doesn’t want word of the mishap to get out. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels owns the sawmill and half the town.

The group was discussing what they just heard and was preparing to investigate the logging camp. Cliff said he thinks Ernie would prefer for them to find the lost boy over him. Landri realized that his sister and him don’t have a place to stay at. Innkeeper Phil said he had many rooms available and he even had Halfing sized rooms he they wanted. Landri and Aludria got room 16 with two regular sized queen beds, a cozy fireplace, nightstands, and a sofa. Their room comes with complementary breakfast for 10 gold. Landri haggled the price to 5 gold if he played music for bingo night and cleaned up after Aludria’s pet owl. Innkeeper Phil was so excited for the gnomes visit that he suggested they go shopping and have many fine stores. The Toy maker’s shop was very unique and wonderful, he even bought his daughter Judy a stuffed animal. The group decided to visit the Toy maker’s Shop.

The group enter the Toy maker’s shop. Roland starts looking at the cool wooden puppets. A woman in her 40’s greets the group her name is Mrs. Havershim and she’s the Toy maker’s wife, she asks if she can help them. Adan asks about her son and if it’s true he ran away. She said no he did not run away. A man in his 50’s, Mr. Havershim, comes into the room with wood shavings on his apron. He sees the adorable little gnome Aludria and says how pretty she is and gifts her a cute wooden hippo. Aludria was so happy and thanked the toy maker. Toy maker’s wife was not happy saying how can you give stuff away like that we will go broke. He brushes her of saying too bad so sad and walks to the back room to continue working. Adan asks if he’s always been like this and she said it stared when her son went missing. He is heartbroken and sad and just threw himself into his work. Adan asked if there was anything else he needed to know. She said she had a picture of her son and gave it to him, hoping he can find her son.

The group was planning on entering the forest but it was dark outside and the bingo event started. They went to the Inn to enjoy the festivities. The two musicians played adequately and entertained the crowd. Bron bought meat pies for the group, which was delicious.

Roland spotted someone that was not really enjoying the festivities. He walked up to her and introduced himself. She nodded and smiled, and then the rest of the group crowded her which made her feel uneasy. Her name is Alinda and she’s an elf. The group start talking with her asking her questions about what she’s doing and she said she’s just watching people and the festivities. Adan asks her about the missing boy and she say she doesn’t know much but Judy my know more. She then opens her self help book and proceeds to read, which was a hint she wanted to be left alone. She was friendly to the group but she is an introvert.

A message was sent to Innkeeper Phil and he made an announcement. The homes on Cherry Tree Lane has bed bugs and he is willing to provide room and board to those for the night. He asked Landri and Aludria if they can share their room with the others in their group. Roland said not him cuz he sleeps in the cellar. Cruril and Landri also refused and said they will stay at Madam Gryesha Brothel. Adan wasn’t thrilled either but if Bron was willing to stay with Aludria and her owl then he would too.

Landri and Cruril went to Madam Gryesha’s Brothel. They paid a reasonable price for a nice clean place. Landri was with a half orc named Missy and Cruril was with two half orcs named Sissy and Lizzy. Cruril had an awesome time with Sissy and Lizzy, whom were very impressed by Cruril’s performance. Landri’s girl Missy was less then impressed. Soon rumors of Landri’s failure reached his sister Aludria. She laughed at her brothers misgivings and said that’s what he gets for leaving her alone.

Adan and Bron slept in the queen size beds in room 16 and Aludria rolled out her bed on the floor. She preferred sleeping on the floor because it was better for her back. Soon there was a thud Bron woke up a little and went back to sleep. Adan and Aludria woke up and saw it was Aludria’s toy that fell off the nightstand. Aludria got upset with Adan saying why did he knock down the toy from the nightstand. Their arguing woke up Bron and he used his magic to light up the room to find the fallen toy. Adan claims the toy fell from the wobbly nightstand but when he checked the nightstand it was sturdy. Aludria thought there was something magical in the room like a ghost or something that moved the toy. She casted detect magic and the toy glowed. She was able to sense that the toy’s magic was evil and ancient. She dropped the toy and it came to life.

Roland who was in the cellar heard a loud thunk and Aludria yelling its evil!!!! And he hurried upstairs. Aludria also sent her owl to get her brother Landri and Cruril. Adan got his sword and tried to hit the toy but ended up getting his sword stuck in the floor board. Aludria hit the toy a couple of times with her magic. Bron blessed the group and hit the toy once or twice. The toy sent splintering shards hitting the group every so often but it did take its toll on the group. Roland finally showed up but he was also able to hit it only once or twice. Finally Bron hit the toy hard on its head. The toy panicked and ran into the fireplace where it brunt up into a black rock.

Landri and Cruril showed up, but the fight was over. Bron healed wounds and pulled out splinters. The group decided they all should stay at the Inn together and then in the morning they will find answers at the Toy maker’s shop, after breakfast of course.


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