Woods Haven

Hunting with Sir Nickels

The Bear Necessities

When they awoke, they were given notice that the Mayor was requesting their presence that morning to go hunting. The heroes met with the mayor at the docks and rode a boat for a half day down the river to find the area the mayor had planned to hunt for bear. They set up camp and hunted some boar for dinner. While on the hunt, they realized that Sir Nickels was not a good hunter, but Sir John definitely was. After capturing a few boars, the party brought them back to the chef that Mayor Nickels had brought along, and he was up all night cooking and preparing the rest of the meat to last a few days. The heroes rested in anticipation of hunting a bear.

The next morning, our heroes left camp in search of the bear cave. Upon crossing a river, they found it. Sir Nickels men were very hesitant to get in position to attack. The heroes also all got within viewing distance of the mouth of the cave. When everyone was in position, Sir Nickels and Sir John went back across the river. The bear was not coaxed out of the cage, so one of Sir Nickels men cautiously enters the cave, only to be wrenched into the darkness, never to be seen again. A bear emerged and took down another of the hired men with a single swipe. But Aiden and Cruril’s archery along with assistance from Landry and Bronn took the bear down rather quickly. Going for the bear pelt, they were all surprised to see the emergence of another bear! Sir Jon and Sir Nickels ran away, as well as the last standing man hired by Sir Nickels. The rest of our heroes also ran, but were stuck on their side of the river. They turned around, planted their heels, and stood their ground, barely managing to fell the second bear. They convinced the last hired hunter, Parker, to grab the raft and bring the heroes back to the camp, along with the barely surviving other hired hunter, and two amateurely skinned bear pelts.

When back to the camp, Sir Nickels welcomed them with open arms, but the heroes would have none of it. They rested another night, with anger in their eyes. They left the next morning only to return to their town seeing it in chaotic shambles.



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