Woods Haven

Goblins in the Old Oak Tree

The toy maker's arrest, goblins, and unsatisfied orc whores

The heros of Woods Haven had a well rested night sleep after the encounter with the horrible, but at the same time adorable, hippo toy. The party woke to the sound of Roland’s music as Bron meditated, Adan pondering by the window, and everyone else started getting ready.
The door opens suddenly and Innkeeper Phil pokes his head in with a smile. As he looked around for second his smile disappeared at the state of his room. He suddenly closes the door and knocks.
Landri opens the door and Phil says what have you done to my room? The heros try to explain but Phil just concluded that they all must have had terrible nightmares. He presented them with a wonderful breakfast of braised wild boar, fried eggs, and roasted tomatoes. Landri made sure the breakfast was complimentary. Phil left the room.
Soon footsteps was heard and there was another knock on the door. Roland opened the door and a small child stood there hold out an invitation. Roland received the invite and read it. The invitation was to Lord Mayor Sir Nickels feast dinner party for tomorrow night. The invite said it was for 5 guests, but they were a group of 6. Someone was going to stay behind. The little boy ran into the room to the open window and yelled to his friends that he’s coming outside to play. The group tried to question the boy about the toy maker’s son; the boy was little and skiddish said that the other kids outside might know more about what happened to the toy maker’s son. Adan said that he will head to the toy maker’s house to get answers on what the heck happened last night and if they run into the kids on the way, they will ask them.
Outside they saw it was a beautiful day and conveniently the towns kids were outside playing jump rope. Landri started playing his harmonica which delighted the kids enough for them to approach them. Landri asked the group of kids if they knew the toy maker’s son. All the kids started looking down, shifted their eyes, and began to walk away expect for a 12 year old girl who decided to speak to Landri. She said they knew him and yes they use to play with him. She said they last saw him at the old oak tree. They thought maybe he ran away. Landri said thanks and the girl skipped away.
Landri discussed his findings with the group as they headed toward the toy maker’s shop. Aludria casted detect magic outside and sensed nothing. Roland looked through the window and couldn’t see much until the curtains billowed open to reveal the sheriff’s face which startled Roland. Sheriff Ted then quickly opened the door and asked what they were doing. Adan explained to the sheriff what had happened the night before. He was relieved to see Adan and his story confined the sheriff’s suspicion. Mr. Havershim was yelling things that made no sense and Sheriff Ted was going to take him to the station to question him and for his safety. Mr. Havershim yelled they will pay for what they did to my boy!!! I want revenge!!!! They will get what is coming to them!!! Aludria sensed evil spots of magic all over the shop. Mrs. Havershim was crying and explained to the group she doesn’t understand what’s happened to her husband and her husband is innocent. She offered 100 gold coins to clear his name and find her son. 50 gold coins now and 50 for when they clear husbands name and find son. Roland accepted the money. Adan and Bron said they didn’t need money to help her but Landri and Aludria quickly shushed them and said thank you to Mrs. Havershim and they will accept the money and find her son. While Adan, Bron, Aludria, and Landri were talking to Mrs. Havershim; Cruril was looking around the shop. He thought he saw something move at the corner of his eye.
Adan suggested to Mrs. Havershim to close up shop and she agreed. She asked if Bron and Cruril wouldn’t mind helping her. Roland, Landri, and Aludria decide to head to the old oak tree and try to find clues. Adan said they will meet them there. Bron and Cruril stayed behind helping Mrs. Havershim close shop and send away customers. Adan heads to the sheriffs’ station.
Sheriff Ted put Mr. Havershim behind bars and was quietly muttering to himself. Adan asked how he was doing and the sheriff said he stopped yelling but he can’t get him to answer questions. Adan try’s to get him to answer questions but it seems Bill Havershim has lost his mind. Sheriff Ted explains to Adan that they must investigate quickly and quietly. If word gets out that Mr. Havershim was the one behind the evil toys or even possessed by evil spirits the town will go into chaos and panic. Mr. Havershim and his wife could end up as victims of a witch trial. Sheriff Ted also mentions that they are understaffed because the Lord Mayor Sir Nickels has been borrowing men for his security duty. Adan agrees and leaves the sheriff station and heads to the old oak tree.
Roland, Aludria, and Landri are at the old oak tree looking for clues. The tree is about 30ft high and the branches creek and sway as the wind blows. The tree is creepy looking as is and Aludria takes this time to take advantage of this opportunity to scare her friends. She casts spooky sounds to the tree as it sways in the wind. Roland tries to climb the tree but slips back down. Roland and Landri can’t figure out what’s making that spooky sound. Aludria giggles to herself and hears someone else giggling. Aludria owl Dust Dice is hooting like crazy. Adan, Bron and Cruril show up to the old oak tree and search for clues. Adan notices a gleam of light flashing in the trees. Aludria hears more giggles and someone saying shut up you idiot!! Aludria looks into Adan’s eyes as they both come to the same conclusion. Goblins!!! Adan exclaimed. Each of the heros take a shot at the goblins but can’t seem to hit them because of leaves coverage and the height of the tree. Landri played music and shot arrows, Bron blessed the group, Adan and Cruril shot arrows, Roland shot sling shots, and Aludria used magic. One goblin died from an arrow shot straight through him and fell from the tree. The second goblin was injured and soon fell asleep from Aludria’s sleep spell. Bron caught the falling sleeping goblin from the tree. After a few minutes the goblin woke up being held down. Adan held the arrow that was in the goblins shoulder trying to pull it out as he questioned the goblin. All the goblin said was all humans will die soon!!! And yelled and winced in pain as Adan pulled the arrow out. Adan then tried to pull out the arrow in the goblins leg as he questioned who the goblin worked for. The fearful goblin said if he says his name the goblin will die. Adan asked again and the goblin said if you promise to let me go he will give the name Adan promised. The goblin gave the evil one’s name, Krull, that is behind the chaos. Adan asked the goblin if he want the arrow out from his leg. The goblin agreed, forgetting how painful it was to get an arrow out. Adan let the goblin go but confiscated his weapons. The stubborn goblin struggled for his weapons and in his struggle accidentally hit his head with his own weapon and died.
Aludria searched one of the dead goblins and found a spyglass.
The group searched the area. Cruril found footprints that lead into the forest and old rope that stretched from the footprints to the old oak tree. The rope looked like it had been there for awhile.
The group contemplated about following the tracks but it was dusk and they were invited to a feast tomorrow night. So they decided to head back.
They walked by the sheriff’s station where Adan checked on Mr. Havershim again but still couldn’t get anything from him. The sheriff sat outside watching the towns people and in deep thought. Bron and Adan asked if the fumigation was done and if they can go back home. Sheriff Ted said he heard it needed two treatments and will be safe to go back home tomorrow. Adan and Bron groaned. Cruril said well I’m going back to the brothel and Landri joined him. Cruril satisfied one orc but the other was not impressed and wasn’t convinced of his excuses. Landri’s orc was not impressed at all and said what a minute I heard of you.
Back at the Inn, Roland looked around to see if he can spot Alinda the elf. Instead he spotted Lumberjack Cliff, who waved him over to have a beer with him. Roland mentioned to him how they found goblin in the trees at the old oak but asked Cliff to keep that info hushed. He agreed as long as Roland doesn’t mention to anyone that lumberjacks have gone missing for two days now. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels sent two elves to investigate.
Adan, Bron, and Aludria join Roland for happy hour. They all agree they should all stay in the same room and keep the info they got to themselves. Innkeeper Phil overheard them but promised to keep his knowledge to himself and also not to let Judy go out at night.
The four of them go upstairs and prepare for a restful night sleep.



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