Woods Haven

Chicken drumsticks and Tea party

The Dinner Party and the Invitation to the Hunt

Last we saw the adventurers, they all had a glorious night sleep. The monk played his flute while Bron meditated. Landri who would’ve joined Roland in morning music practice, sat on his bed and read the note left by his bedside. The note was from his sister Aludria. He explained to his comrades what the note said. Aludria heard last night about a beauty contest in the city of Aquadorna; which is north from Woods Haven. She will be gone for 3 days. There’s a top prize for the winner but Landri withheld the amount of the prize money.

Roland, Adan, and Bron decided to get Cruril and venture out to investigate the missing cart and supplies. They eat breakfast and head to the whore house to retrieve Cruril. Adan says he will meet them there, he was going to visit the sheriff. Adan met with the sheriff and told him they will investigate the missing cart.

Roland, Landri, and Bron show up at the whore house. Roland enters and a group of lavishly and scantly dressed orc whores welcome him. Roland asks for his friend Cruril but they said he is currently indisposed. Bron and Adan enter and try to ask for Cruril. Adan yells for Cruril and Cruril finally answers and leaves with the group.

The adventurers leave Woods Haven in search of clues to the missing cart. Adan and Cruril do well in tracking the carts tracks. They walked for hours but it was a beautiful day. All of a sudden they hear rustling in the bushes and a mountain drawf named Forrest Grumblebringer pops out and starts to yell at the adventurers. Cruril and Landri did not like this hermitty grump but Adan, Bron, and Roland calmed the drawf and asked if he seen the cart. The drawf said yes he has seen a cart. There are many carts that travel this road. Lastly he said don’t come near his mountain and stormed off.

The adventurers continued their journey, Cruril and Adan notices there are now two cart tracks. The tracks lead them to believe Ernie met a fellow carts man. Friend or foe is unknown. The group stop suddenly, they hear rustling and growling. Birds and bunnies run by them. Roland sees glowing eyes and then a dire wolf pounces on a rabbit ten feet in front of them. The group yell in fear and runs for their lives. The dire wolf takes his rabbit and disappears into the woods.

Cruril suggests if they should go back because the feast will start soon. Roland, Landri, and Cruril wanted to go shopping for dress clothes.

The group returns to Woods Haven. The homes on Cherry Lane are bug free!! Adan and Bron go home to get dressed for the event. Meanwhile Roland, Landri, and Cruril go shopping at Finnagian’s Flannel and Clothes store. Roland bought a black and red checkered flannel beret. Roland was pleased with how he looked in the mirror. Landri bought fine dress clothes in children’s size which was affordable and decently priced which made Landri happy. Cruril asked for the finest dress clothes the shoppe keeper had. The happy shoppe keeper let Cruril try on the most expensive clothes while Landri and Roland ask if there was something less expensive. The shoppe keeper gave Cruril the less expensive dress clothes to try on while Landri convinced Cruril on how great he looked.
The night of the feast was upon them Bron waited at the front of Rosewood Manor and saw his friends Roland, Landri, and Cruril walk up. They all cleaned up nicely. Adan arrived in style on a horse he borrowed from the sheriff. His hair was braided in the posh style that was known to be elvish. Everyone looked clean cut. They walked to the entrance and handed the invite to the hostess who mistook Landri for a child. Landri got cranky; he’s a full grown gnome after all. The hostess saw his tantrum and said to Roland if there son needs a nap he can take him to Lord Mayor Sir Nickels’ daughter’s bedroom. Roland said thank you maybe later. The rest of the group snickers.
Rosewood Manor is huge and beautiful woodwork throughout the maison. The smell of roasted rosemary chicken legs filled the room. Ale and wine were served on trays carried by servants. Antlers and animal head trophies decorated the room.
Cruril saw his buddy Clif and went to sit with him. He immediately sampled the delicious chicken drumsticks. Roland, Bron, and Landri drank ale and Adan drank wine. Everyone was discussing on how they can get the Lord Mayor Sir Nickels to hire them to investigate and saw Cliff was already with Cruril. The group join them and Cliff starts small talk. He then mentions that the Lord Mayor Sir Nickels has hired a group of drawven mercenaries to investigate the missing lumberjacks at the logging camp. They ask Cliff if the Lord Mayor Sir Nickels would hire them to investigate. Cliff said he doesn’t know but they can ask him. Cliff waved down Lord Mayor Sir Nickels and the Mayor smiled and walked over with Sir John. He cheerfully greeted the the group. The Roland asked the mayor if he needed someone to investigate the missing lumberjacks. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels said how did they know about missing lumberjacks unless someone mentioned something that they shouldn’t have. He then glared at Cliff who started laughing nervously and downed his ale. Adan signaled Roland to stop. Adan then said if there was anything they can do to help because they were also looking for the missing boy. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels then said how sad it was for the toy maker to loose his son and he would be devastated if something happened to his little girl. Speaking of little girl, Lord Mayor Sir Nickels calls his daughter over to meet everyone. The cute little redheaded girl walks over and smiles. He reminds the group of when they first met. He had bought two stuffed animals for her. Overall Lord Mayor Sir Nickels said not to worry about the missing lumberjacks because he hired the best mercenaries in the region to investigate. Lord Mayor Sir Nickels appreciates their willingness to be helpful and preceded to invite the group to a hunt for the cave bear. He will send an invite home with them.

The guys noticing the dolls of the mayor’s daughter snuck off to
investigate them. While in the mayor’s daughter’s room, they were
convinced into joiner her for an imaginary tea party. Landry got the
bright idea to lead her outside with song while the rest of the party
stayed behind and looked at the dolls, realizing they were in fact
imbued with the same magic as the doll they had faced before at the
inn. They quickly threw them into the fire, reverting them back to
stone. They quickly high tailed it out of there to not have to explain
the burnt dolls and rested for the night.



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