Woods Haven

A Town Terrorized by Toys

The Children were Kidnapped!

The adventurers arrive to Woods Haven to find the aftermath of a town that was terrorized by what they had feared, the evil wooden toys and stuffed animals… lol sorry it’s just funny.

Anyways back to story, the adventurers walked into town to find the toy makers wife tied up and beaten on the town fountain. By the looks of her she is weak and bleeding out. The Lord Mayor Sir Nickels and Sir John rush to Rose Manor leaving the others behind. Bron stabilizes the toy makers wife while the others untie her. Adana asks her what happened and who did this to her. She said the town was attacked by the toys and all the children were taken. The town people blamed the toy maker but couldn’t find him at home so they deemed her an enchantress and beaten and tied her to the fountain left to die. She fainted into Bron’s arms, some town people got upset that the group had untied her. As the town people looked on menacingly at the group brave little Landri convinced the group to follow him into the forest.

Bron and Roland took the toy maker’s wife to the temple. Adan went to the sheriff’s station. Cruril went to his house to check on his beloved girlfriend Missy. Landri convinced the town people it was the orcs fault and not the toy makers and the town people bought that lie and continued to search the woods. Landri walked back to town near Cruril’s home and saw him talking to Missy who was injured lying on the floor outside. Landri rushed over. Cruril asked his boo what happened and she said that she saw the toys thing children and she tried to stop them. They injured her severely as she tried to shield the children from harm. With help from Landri, Cruril gave Missy a piggy back ride to the temple.

The temple was crowded with injured town people. The clerics were swamped with work. Bron, Roland, and the toy maker’s wife arrive at the temple and the clerics immediately took her to an open bed. She was resting comfortable but still weak. Bron told Roland to go check on Adan while he stays at the temple lending a hand. As Roland was leaving he ran into Landri, Cruril and Missy. Landri asked Roland if he had seen his sister Ali, she would have come back to Woods Haven by now. Roland said he hadn’t seen her but was on his way to the sheriff’s station. A cleric took Cruril and Missy to an open bed, he checked and cleaned her wounds, and Missy rested comfortably with her handsome hero beside her hold her hand. Landri who was worried about his sister asked one of the busy clerics if she had seen another gnome around and she said yes and pointed in the direction of where she had seen her. Landri searched and searched and was finally reunited with his sister. She smiled and walked over to Landri who opened his arms for a hug but instead got slapped by his sister. Ali says how dare you leave me here alone with all this chaos. Where were you! Brother and sister begin to bicker.

Meanwhile at the sheriff’s station, the front entrance was swarmed with upset town people but they couldn’t enter the station, the door was locked. Adan went to the back entrance and knocked on the door. Go away sheriff Ted said sternly. Adan said it was him and the door opened. Sheriff Ted greeted Adan and was happy he now has back up. Adana asked the Sheriff what happened. Sheriff Ted explained how in the middle of the night the toys attacked and hurt the town folks and Kidnapped the children. The town people got really upset and did’nt listen to reason. They came after the toy maker by going to the toymakers house. His wife told them he was at the shierff station. He saw the angry crowd from a distance and barricaded the front door of Sheriff’s station. When the town folks saw they couldn’t get the toy maker they went after his wife, being understaffed it too late to rescue the toy makers wife.

Roland showed up and explained to Adan what happened at the temple. Before Adan and Roland left to the temple, he asked how the toy maker was. Ask him yourself Sheriff Ted said with a smile. The toy maker was back to his old self. Adan and Roland shook his hand, very happy he was not posted anymore. Adan asked him what happened. The toy maker recounted what had happened to him. The day he went looking for his son at the old oak tree, he found the rope, he got lost in the woods, encountered a giant stone arm, the stone told him it was the children’s fault that his son went missing and that they must punish the children. He then had a vision of a man in a white cloak directing his followers who were dressed in black. The one in white is named Krull. The toy maker said he felt like he was in a nightmare and couldn’t wake up. He is happy that he has been released front that cursed dream state. The toy maker was very worried about his wife. Roland reassured him that she was okay. Roland and Adan then leave to the temple to join with the others.

Bron, Cruril, Ali and Landri see Adan and Roland enter the temple. What should we do? Roland asked. Where should we go? Landri asked. After everyone informed each other what they had learned. They decided to go see Lord Mayer Sir Nickels. Half the party suspects Sir Nickels and the other half wants his help. Either way it will be an interesting encounter.



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